Day 02: 17 Nov 2020 on BUSINESS

Day 2 of the Special Awards Week hosted by the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards and Difficult Dialogues began with Nicole Itano, Former Executive Director of tve, welcoming everybody and inviting Dr. Alistair Clark, one of the tve’s trustees of many years and Managing Director of the Environment and Sustainability Department, EBRD, to say a few words.

Dr Clark’s speech was followed by Nicole announcing the shortlist for the category Doing Business Differently and playing short clips from the films. This category is awarded to a film under 15 minutes that best explains how a company has changed/needs to change their core business to become more sustainable, for example by improving their supply chain, reducing their carbon emissions, eliminating waste, changing their financial model, or reducing their impact on biodiversity.

The shortlist included:
EARTH DIVIDEND (submitted by Hannah Pereira, Button Media)

Geeta Sidhu-Robb, one of the esteemed jurors of the tve GSFA 2020, delivered a message on her experience of adjudicating the films after the announcement of the shortlist.

Next on the agenda, was the panel discussion, hosted by Difficult Dialogues, addressing Changing the Mindset. Nicole invited the moderator Andrew Wilson — President of the tve GFSA 2020, and a change agent with expertise in sustainability and business purposes — to commence the panel discussion. Andrew was joined by other eminent panelists such as Andrew Dunnett, Director of Vodafone Foundation; Tony Juniper, a campaigner, writer, sustainability adviser and environmentalist and Solitaire Townsend, a passionate change-maker, co-founder of Futerra. 


The panel advocated for changing mindset of individuals as well as purpose led companies in order to improve their understanding of the effect their actions have on the environment.

Next, Pradip Krishen, a renowned filmmaker and environmentalist, announced the winner of the Doing Business Differently category. The award for this category went to HELPING PEOPLE PUT THE PLANET FIRST, which was submitted by BBC Storyworks.


BBC Storyworks accepted the award and celebrated their win over a Zoom call after the winner announcement.

It was followed by the announcement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Short Film Award, which is a nominated category sponsored by Global Healthcare. Grace Bian, the Chair of Global Healthcare and a fervent supporter of the tve GSFA, awarded this category to the film CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: MAKING SAFER EMERGENCY HOSPITALS. This is a film produced and directed by Monika Koeck of Cinetecture.

Monika Koeck, who is a second time winner of the tve GSFA accepted the award and delivered a speech after the winner announcement.

More than 25 youth ambassadors joined the tve GSFA 2020 in order to create awareness amongst the youth to take affirmative action and create a sustainable future. During the event today, video messages made by two of our Youth Ambassadors were played with the aim to enhance their voice and mission.

The third day promises to be an enthralling one with shortlist and winner announcements for the categories Innovations and Health and the Environment Award; and a riveting dialogue on The Role of Innovation in Bringing about a Sustainable Future.