17 NOV  |  PANEL 1

Changing the Mindset

The 21st century has seen a huge range of extreme man made environmental disasters. Why and how have we reached this stage? At the core of this question is the fact that many of us are abusing the environment without considering the consequences. And even if we are thinking or are aware of the disastrous results, we are reluctant to change our lifestyles and consumption pattern significantly. It is imperative that people across society recognize the ecological limits of the planet and avoid over-stretching the delicate balance of the ecosystems we all depend upon. This panel will discuss how we can change the mindset of people to improve their understanding of the effect their actions have on the environment, and how we can prompt people into taking actions now that can help us all in the future.

Panelists include Andrew Wilson, a change agent with expertise in sustainability and business purposes, and former Executive Director of Purpose at Edelman, the global PR and communications firm; Andrew Dunnett, Director of Vodafone Foundation, previously a Ministerial Adviser to the Sustainable Development Unit at the UK Department of Trade and Industry; Tony Juniper, a campaigner, writer, sustainability adviser and environmentalist, and Chair of Natural England which works for the conservation and restoration of the natural environment in England; and Solitaire Townsend, a passionate change-maker, co-founder of Futerra, who advises governments, charities and brands on imagining a better future and making it happen.


18 NOV  |  PANEL 2

Role of Innovation in bringing about a Sustainable Future

This panel aims to underline the importance of continuously innovating on an ongoing basis as we move forward in this century. With the desire for a more efficient and smarter lifestyle despite the strain on the environment that our planet faces, the role of innovations, both in terms of technology and mindset, is crucial. Panelists would discuss innovative ideas that are taking shape and some of the best emerging technological innovations which could lead to long term sustainable solutions. This would include the role of AI, digital technology, new/green businesses or business ventures that have the potential to bring in a sustainable future for all of us.

Panelists include David Stringer Lamarre, a business leader, entrepreneur and innovator, and Chairman of the Institute of Directors, London Region; Andrew Griffiths, Director of Digital & Community at The Planet Mark, whose passion lies at the intersection of sustainability, community and digital technologies; Duncan Wardle, served as Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, is the founder of iD8 & innov8 and is an Innovation Speaker at numerous forums; Noor Veenhoven, co-founder of Project Cece, the largest search engine for ethical clothing and sustainable fashion in Europe; and Gabriela Herculano, CEO of Clima Investments.

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19 NOV  |  PANEL 3

What will Our World look like in 2050?

This panel comprising experts from the fields of health, environment, business and technology would discuss how the world would look like in 2050 in terms of population growth and social structures. Keeping in mind the current trajectory of the earth’s environmental crises and depleting natural resources, probable action plans would be discussed that could ensure a sustainable future to meet the needs of 10 billion people. The dialogue would help outline some of the initiatives that need to be taken to achieve the sustainable development goals across social, economic and environmental areas.

Panelists include Andrew Griffiths, Director of Digital & Community at The Planet Mark, whose passion lies at the intersection of sustainability; Mark Wood, an established speaker, author and explorer who operates within the cold extremes of our planet, and has led expeditions to both the Geographic North and South Poles Anthony Costello, eminent British paediatrician, was Director of maternal, child and adolescent health at the World Health Organization in Geneva from 2015 to 2018; Adam Ricobanni, an AI entrepreneur and author, and CEO of Critical Future, a technology & strategy consultancy which advises global brands; and Imogen Pierce, Head of Experience Strategy at ARRIVAL (electric vehicle company).


20 NOV  |  PANEL 4

HIDDEN STORIES, IMPACT JOURNALISM: Business and Politics of Global Sustainability

While the world is aware of the increasing environmental disasters the world is facing, it is critical to take action in every way by everyone. It is no longer about simply saving the planet but saving ourselves. It is necessary to continuously expose irregularities. This panel of media luminaries, photographer and activist will discuss the role of journalism in holding the powerful to account and pushing for greater transparency in the public interest, the unresolved issue of slave labour and human rights abuse in global supply chains and how the intersection of art, journalism  and advocacy can make a movement global and achieve impact on the ground.

They will also discuss how, in an increasingly bipolar world, in the grip of a pandemic, on-the-ground investigations will change for the media working to showcase irregularities. 

Panelists include Clare Rewcastle Brown, an award-winning British journalist and founder of the website Sarawak Report, known for challenging corruption and its impacts on civil and indigenous rights as well as on the environment, Humphrey Hawksley, former BBC foreign correspondent and author currently writing a non-fiction book on the rivalry of China and The US in the Asia-Pacific drawing on 30 years of travelling and working in the region and Poulomi Basu, an award winning Indian transmedia artist, photographer and activist. Widely published and exhibited, her work, Blood Speaks placed menstrual taboos and blood politics on the international agenda, resulting in a major policy change: the Nepalese government criminalised the practice of menstrual exile, which is resulting in the death and rape of women.

The panel will be moderated by Nabanita Sircar, a senior international journalist, columnist and a business communications professional.